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Two issues faced after the update
After the update, Crabada faced a major crisis. These are two important issues to discuss the existence of the project, so I hope the management will read this. First, there is no need to play games hard anymore. Before the update, the winning reward was 2.5 times more than the losing reward. Therefore, users have always wondered how to win more. That was one of the great pleasures of the game. But now, victory no longer excites users. This is because there is little difference in compensation after winning or passing. There is no reason to grow the team harder, and there is no reason to care about the combination and deployment. Because if you look too strong, you finish without a battle in the mining process, which is like a loss reward. In reality, if you win the battle without shedding a drop of blood, you have the right to take the most trophies, but in this game, you are no different from losing. I don't know why I should pay attention to Hunger Point to make items. Making and maintaining a team stronger has become worthless. Second, the value of the GUS will continue to decline. There is also a connection to the first problem. There is no reason for the team to be stronger, so there is no reason to invest money in the game. Naturally, the use of GUS has also decreased a lot. In addition, GUS is a currency created to replace TUS. If so, I think at least the status that TUS had previously should be given. Before the update, TUS could handle most of the work. That was the key reason for preserving the value of TUS in this game, and GUS has only been ceded a small part of its role. Even that can only deal with incidental things that cost little money. Buying crabs in this game is really a key act. Crabs are the mining season and through them we create value. It is a pity that GUS, which replaces TUS, cannot be bought in a word. In addition, with the advent of USDC, GUS's presence decreased further. There is only one device in this game that can maintain the value of GUS. It makes a lot of use of GUS. At present, there is only very limited use, so the value of GUS is bound to continue to decline. For both of these reasons, users are very disappointed with the game, and the reason to play the game has been tarnished. Why were we crazy about this game? The management should not overlook the fact that the key to P2E and Gamefi is profitability
In short, it provides a roadmap for the team to follow to create balance within the game without really decreasing the viability (which, honestly right now is questionable) of Crabada to remain an effective investment tool. We need to cut out "unnecessary" emissions. I'll save some suspense - losing can't be paid (right now). We need a "cost" barrier to play that will help offset the need for the game to mint new tokens to cover every game transaction. We need to stop burning tokens and repurpose accrued tokens as protocol owned liquidity (Bearbeitet) [16:36] As we build up liqudity the team revenue from those LP fees (swaps, etc.) will increase. Few more pieces in there. The team has the capability to release other NFTs with in-game utility and develop and MAINTAIN a market for those. Crab breeding has run wild and almost ruined the game. It, to me, is more important to get under control than TUS Value first and foremost. 7 1 [16:40] We'll need controllable dynamic breeding costs that, paired with faction advantages (incentivizing play of certain factions over others when the population is heavily de-balanced), will allow the breeding of crabs to be at a sustainable rate. A major tenet is that breeding is the only TUS sink right now. Without breeding TUS will very quickly inflate into oblivion, so we can't implement breeding controls without first providing viable sinks for TUS. [16:42] I feel very comfortable with the data. If we (in this order): Pair back unnecessary emissions and implement some parameters to offset token minting for remaining emissions Create TUS sinks within the game Implement Dynamic Breeding Controls Add new game-relevant NFTs/items/quests We will be off to the races and Crabada will flourish. No doubt in my mind.
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Make $TUS Great Again
Dear Crabada team, All your recent moves are extremely positive and it's great to see the team proactively looking to address the tokenomics. I am sure you are aware but we are now facing sell pressure for $TUS as existing passive players sell $TUS for $CRAM and of course some players exit the game. This is preventing $TUS from recovering like it should and to a certain extent preventing Discipleships from really taking off as the 60-70 $TUS per $CRAM ratio just doesn't work from an ROI perspective. While this is likely to be a temporary phenomena the hope is that the team looks to fix this issue now as opposed to let it affect the already abysmal $TUS price performance. The simplest solution is a $TUS burn. Question really is what route to take? A temporary $TUS Burn event for Discipleships is the 'straight line' solution although I appreciate $CRA stakers may take a short term view and be none too happy about such a move that will initially adversely impact $CRAM prices. An alternate option could be to have a temporary burn event to allow players to upgrade crabs for the Battle Game. The upgrades don't need to be too drastic so as not to upset the breeding cycle and burns but rather a simple upgrade of eye effects within the existing breed class for a 5-10k $TUS fee (or some other more suitable amount) would get huge take up from players given some eye affects are pretty useless in the Battle Game at this point and inadvertently mean some of the existing crab population is not fit for 'battle'. The event though temporary should lead to a huge $TUS burn without impacting the existing ecosystem too drastically. Higher $TUS is better for existing players, will support higher $CRAM and $CRA prices which is good for $CRA stakers and the higher ROI (in FIAT terms until $TUS becomes the world's reserve currency) will attract new investors to the game and the Swimmer system in general. Finally a note to my fellow Crabadians who have been left disgruntled by the reduction in $TUS and $CRA rewards. I would very humbly suggest to shift focus on your returns in $ terms. A 30% or even 99% reduction in rewards does not matter as long as at the end of the day you are taking home more fiat and your crabs are worth more. Thank you and best of luck in making $TUS great again!
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