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BG Reinforcements for mining/looting/arena
under review
This post is to open up discussions about reintroducing reinforcements back into Crabada like we had for Idle Game but for Battle Game. I'm going to post my ideas about it in the simplest form with an example about how it can be done in an effort to spark some discussions around this and see if we can get some good ideas going about how to best implement this. So the basic idea would be to implement reinforcements based on turn #. The team can go thru the data and see what an avg battle lasts for in # of turns and then pick 2 entry points for reinforcements to come in. An example would be at the 35% and 65% battle done point each player would pick their reinforcement to use. It would be very similar to how Idle Game was set up tho it would add the additional strategy complexity that Battle Game offers making it much more of a poker game or mini chess match There's several benefits to doing this.... 1) It makes the game more fun, complex, and strategy based. This will attract players who love more complex strategy based games. There are a lot of poker players that are in the crypto world, this definitely has a poker feel to it in terms of how you would need to approach the game and create strategies and team compositions to build with your crabs that you think will be the best combination 2) It would tackle the inflation problem to some degree. Let's take an easy example, if there are 300k crabs out there right now that's 100k teams currently that can mine and loot. If we implement 2 reinforcements per team then that's 60k teams that could mine and loot....this would cut the TUS being minted by 40% roughly in theory 3) It brings additional longevity to the game and will open up the meta to make more crabs useful than currently are. The more complex the game becomes the more each crab will have it's time and place to be used in certain team compositions. 4) Tavern 2.0....we now would have the need to reintroduce Tavern as well to rent crabs but with an added element. Crabs would keep the their levels when rented out so people who have level'd up their crabs would be able to get more TUS(or more likely materials in Economy v2) for their crabs in the Tavern. This also means people would need to continue leveling up their crabs and not be able to just leave them in the Tavern indefinitely to keep their crabs relevant. It would be a much more dynamic version of the Tavern I'd like to hear some ideas about this, how we could best implement it, any ways to improve on it, etc... I don't want to make this post too long but we can spark some more detailed discussions about it in Crabada Economy
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