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Loot Filter (for increased looting throughput)
Looting has taken a pretty big hit. Is it still worth it? I personally think so. I have been playing and consistently looting over the last 3 days. Off the top of my head I believe something may need to change. Here are a list of relevant factors for looting. (1) Looting can only be done 6 times per day now (2) Looting requires watching a battle animation that lasts 40s (skip with spinach) (3) Finding a team to loot takes upwards of 15s to 20s (4) Guardian bounty chest rewards currently average around 100ish TUS (very rough estimate) Yes, factor #2 can be negated with spinach. However, people need to be incentivized to spend that spinach. Right now even with spinach it is too time consuming for the rewards. Those are the 2 knobs that can be adjusted. Reduce the time or increase the rewards. If they remove the time associated with (3) then that might be enough. It could be as simple as sorting the loot list by team level . This would allow people to quickly parse the list and get the full value (time savings) of the spinach. In addition, it would punish those who aren’t feeding their pets. It doesn’t add any more emissions but makes looting more tolerable. That is a win-win situation for everyone. The list could be sorted by level and time created (oldest first). Or just provide sort filters for people. Another issue with looting is that the “all” button has limited utility because of the level restriction between zones. If all of my Crabada are level 5 except for 1 team that is level 40 it is a problem. Once I deploy that level 40 team then I only want to see zone 1 loots. On the first day of the release you could loot any of the zones and I thought that was great, but then that changed. Apparently that was a bug, but it makes the “all” less functional.