Many players in dc are asking for send them all feature to more efficiently manage their mining play. I think send all on itself is not efficient as there are many things to consider like which zone or which level composition to send crabs all at once.
But there can be a repeat feature where technically it repeats all the prior actions taken if requirements met.
For example, I have sent 3 crabs with IDs 123, 456, 789 to mining at ZT4 with a mining ID 112233. I call the repeat function, if the last action of these 3 crabs were mining with mining id 112233 then it should repeat the same action given there is enough food / mining points for that area. If these conditions are not met, it should leave the crabs be and manually taken over, which after one manuel step can also have right to be able for repeat function
This will allow basically for us to change the strategy of our play and also lead to manage more teams.