CRAM should be removed as a purchasable token. TUS should be staked on swimmer to obtain "slots". You receive say 1 battle slot per week for every 100k TUS staked. Or, a one time buy per 3 slots of 75k TUS that is burned.
Disciples slots can be purchased also via TUS for a set amount that coincides with rewards of a disciple account to make it attractive.
This would have the benefit of making larger wallets purchase more TUS to stake helping price. Or, larger wallets will lock up their TUS they got from the idle game to obtain disciple slots. The unlock period should be 28 days.
The existing CRAM LP should be used to buy back TUS and increase that LP.
This overall has the benefit of removing TUS from circulation of larger wallets as well as using the CRAM LP to buy back TUS to help out price.