1. Skip button appear after 20-30 seconds instead of the current 60s.
  2. Change the looting cooldown per team from 30min to 15min.
Hello team! Those are two suggestions that we NEED to be implemented asap, so I'll ramble on why.
I was manually looting every day for the past 2 weeks doing 20+ loots per team consistently on my 20 teams acc.
That's 10-12 hours per day. It's a nightmare.
So I decided to see if some of the 200+ scholars I had in axie would have interest on doing that for me. That's the idea right, hire disciples to make the hard work.
After talking with 15+ ppl I've found 1 that would handle my account. He isn't doing nerly as much as I would, my gains is less than half since I have to share now, but at least I have free time, right?
Since I have a small community with some good breeders and players I though: "why not offer an disciple management service? I'm from a 3rd world country, labor is way cheaper and I know some good players, let's try".
I have now 150ish teams being handled by disciples. It's not a huge number, but at least an ok ammount to have some knowledge behind to give those suggestions.
So, please, fix the game so it's way less time consuming.
I'm not asking for the multi claim, or pre setted team, not even the simple anti-bot like axie that already stop the simple clickers to help our economy.
Even tho all that is needed, all I ask if for 2 number changes.
I'm a unity game dev for 10+ years, I know that what I'm asking is just two variable changes, that's 10 minutes of work.
This why to those two changes:
  1. Skip button appear after 20-30 seconds instead of the current 60s.
This makes handling 30-40 teams per account easier, which is more income for each disciple, which makes it more appealing.
This isn't the most important, but really no disciple cares about seeing the crabs fight (even tho I know that took a lot of effort to make all that).
I know that's not ideal solution, it would be better to have a faster battle so the player can at least have a visual feedback to what happened in the fight. It might be easy to make 1, 2 and/or 3 times battle speed if all your animations and particles are timescale linked, with a simple timescale increase while the battle is happening... might just work. But the skip timer is a good solution for now.
But really the most important and urgent change, the one thing from all this that really matter to be able to onboard way more disciples is the next one:
  1. Change the looting cooldown per team from 30min to 15min.
That enable the disciple to work for 6 hours at most, which is the same amount as mining. But since looting already is way harder to do than mining (I can do 100+ mine teams on the same time as it takes to do 15 looting teams), that makes it waaaaaaay better for the disciple.
Both of those changes brings immediate positive outcomes by only changing 2 numbers.
We NEED a way for the big players to re-invest, to at least give you guys more time to fix the broken economy.