I. Crabada should not be abandoned where.
1, the nature of the placement mode, simple game mode. Countless Web2.0 games tell us that simple can also be fire. For example, like the previous QQ farm, QQ parking space, etc. There are still players who get up in the middle of the night to play. Web3.0 game no matter how the form of change, ultimately can not be separated from the internal logic of Play to earn, so keep the current simple form is the advantage.
2, the concept of economic model is not a problem. A Mining, a Looting. is a very good cycle. Now the problem is the specific value of not knowing the variation, this later to expand to speak.
3, the game playability and picture quality is relatively good. This reflects the strengths of the project side, in the game product polishing is good. This should also be maintained.
Second, the analysis of the TUS coin price problem and the solution to explore: TUS coin price problem. Why is the problem. Because now the coin price is too low, resulting in the logic of Play to earn is increasingly not valid, new players do not enter, old players do not continue to invest, that is, we say the project is going to the death spiral.
Analysis part.
We start with a level by level derivation of the market situation behind us, illustrating the need for TUS to rise immediately.
1, BTC and ETH represent the market sentiment, now in a short pattern or a weak oscillation, so the best behind is also a oscillation pattern. In this case, want to make the project can lend on the market force and make players enter is unlikely.
2, GameFi track, iconic projects, AXS, SAND, MANA, GALA, etc. are weak across the board. So the board is going down the probability of high.
3, and then Crabada, if the market environment and track are not working, and is about to go down. Theoretically, Crabada TUS must immediately rise in order to do so. Crabada's current coin price, Playtoearn's logic is already very weak. The project will not be finished if it goes further down. It's a matter of life and death.
The second point I want to make is that the feasibility of TUS rise.
We can see that in December, BTC and ETH are downward plummeting. At this time, TUS is rising against the trend. What does this mean? It means that TUS can go on an independent market. First of all, TUS is not on the big exchanges now, only SWAP can not be traded, there is no shorting wit, and there are not too many secondary market participants. In this case, the market for TUS is actually very simple. Moreover, observing the daily buy and sell orders you can actually know that the current TUS holders are basically retail investors, and there is no trace of the main market. Furthermore, the market for TUS is now very small, and you can spend relatively little money to bring the market to life. Based on the above three points, I think TUS's handicap is completely salvageable.
Solution exploration.
The third point I would like to make is, how to save?
At present, seeing that the project side has been working on the field, in the past period of time, I think the project side is to believe that the reason for the plunge of TUS is to change the commission, resulting in the fall. On the subnet all problems can be solved. However, as we have seen, this is not the case at all. The subnet still couldn't stop the fall of the coin price. The economics is also very simple, the subnet, including reducing the revenue of casual games, although reducing the output, but did not increase any demand, as the price of coins fall demand is getting weaker and weaker, there is no buying power. So output and selling is reduced, slowing the decline of TUS, but there is no buying to change the direction of continued decline. So the core issue now is buying. Buying, there are two ways to do it.
(1) The first, by the power of players (especially new players).
(2) The second, rely on the power of capital consensus.
At present, the direction of the project side may have to reconsider, not to be obsessed with going forward with Roadmap, Roadmap's promotion is actually trying to achieve project progress by the first way. But this approach is conditional, the market environment to cooperate, the project itself Playtoearn logic to be established. Both of these are currently not available. This is the best and the only solution.
III: Exploration of the game economic model
Still, TUS is a commodity, and what we just discussed solves the problem of the immediate coin price. Now let's explore the long-term logic. tus is a commodity, and by dealing with the relationship between supply and demand, we can deal with the long-term problem of tus coin price and realize the long-term spiral up of the coin price. Still two aspects, divided into onsite and offsite, onsite flexibility to adjust the game mechanism, play the power of the visible hand regulation; offsite, play the ability of the capital to protect the escort.
First, let's talk about the on-court approach. The most important point in the design of the objective mechanism on the field is to control the number of Crabada, because this is the source of generating TUS. I think there are three options that can be explored.
(1) Reduce the supply: Flexibly handle the Breeding date of crabs, when the market has too many crabs and not enough players, lengthen the Breeding time, not five days from beginning to end, which will only make the crabs grow exponentially. When there are too many players and not enough crabs then lower the time. Some people may say, that way, many players who play Breeding may not play Breeding to buy coins directly. The lesser of two evils is better than producing more in the long run, and short-term selling pressure is definitely better than long-term selling pressure to cope with. Moreover, if Breeding is stretched out for a longer period of time, it is also positive for the coin price and many people will shy away from selling. This is a flexible mechanism to solve the number of crabs in the long term.
(2) Reduce the supply: Crabada Great Fusion event. There are already very many crabs in the market and the supply is too much. To fix this mistake, the project owner can consider coming out with a Crabada fusion system. Whether to participate can not be forced, to respect the player's own will, but any player to fusion, to reduce the excess inventory of Crabada is beneficial, the basic mechanism is as follows.
A two level 1, the same class of Crabada can choose to fuse.
B fusion has a success rate, if successful generate a new Crabada; if it fails, one of the two Crabada disappear.
C successful new generation of Crabada's basic attributes will be stronger, or a higher percentage of skill damage, or in Battle Game Mining when there are additional bonuses, as if the idle game Prime.
I think most people will benefit from this measure. There are also long term benefits to the program.
(3) Increase demand: Encourage Crabada's four and five breeding, for example, the probability of a legendary four or five breeding will be a little higher than the first three.
The off-site way is the planned injection of capital that identifies with the long-term value of the project.
Fourth, the Crabada project party in the project role to explore
1、The first role is the product manager, polishing the project.
2、The second role is the investment manager, dealing with the logic of Playtoearn and keeping the attractiveness of the project. Specific measures are divided into onsite and offsite.
On-site: (1) Breeding the dynamic adjustment of the production cycle (2) monetary policy, the output becomes more and less flexible adjustment. Here to mention a point, the reduction of output must be coupled with an increase in the price of coins, otherwise just reducing output can only make Playtoearn's logic even weaker. In addition, Battle Game on June 1, CRA no longer output belongs to this mistake, the problem is TUS, CRA's cancellation will only weaken the logic of PLE, hope to adopt. The premise of stable coin prices can improve output and attract more players.
(3) fiscal policy, through the adjustment of in-game fees and taxes, to achieve the destruction of TUS.
Believe in the power of capital, the success of the project needs the support of capital.
The role of the project side is very simple, as long as the project side does, the project will definitely get better and better.